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Ciele TRL Cap "Century" Shadow

Ciele TRL Cap "Century" Shadow

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Description: It’s a cap. Or a hat if you prefer. We call it the TRLCap.

It’s made to run in.

Or for most any activity of the sporting variety.

It’s made of lightweight, fast drying COOLwick™ fabric.

We’ve added a little extra protection with UPF +40 fabric on the brim and front panel.

It’s got reflective labels cus’ reflective is just the best thing ever.

We’ve made the brim pliable so you can roll the cap up and put it in your pocket.

As sports caps go, we think it’s the best one out there.

That said, we’d like to apologize in advance. This cap won’t make you any faster. You’ll still have to make that happen on your own.

Everybody Run!