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Introducing Biomechanical Analysis with MotionQuest Neo

MotionQuest details

BlackToe Running Inc. is pleased to announce that we are the first Canadian Run Specialty store to include MotionQuest Bio-mechanical Analysis in our running shoe fit process!

Developed by the Currex Labs in Germany, MotionQuest takes years of Bio-mechanical Analysis research and combines it with the latest technology to ensure you get the best advice at your BlackToe Running store.  By measuring your foot strike throughout your stride with hundreds of sensitive pressure points, we get a clear and measurable picture of how you are hitting the ground and can use that information to ensure we are getting you into the very best shoe options every time.

How do we do this?  By collecting data on your running profile, knee movement, center of gravity and foot stability, the MotionQuest Neo will perform a bio-mechanical analysis that will assist our staff when fitting you with the best footwear options.  When combined with our understanding of your running history and objectives, the experience of our staff, and the science behind this technology, we will ensure you truly get next level advice! 

 Our Running Shoe Fit Process 

  • We work with you to develop your running profile which includes:
    • Discussion of your objectives
    • Review of your injury history
    • Understanding of your current and goal weekly mileage
    • Assessment of your knee and ankle profile
  • Your runner profile will then be entered into the MotionQuest System
  • We will analyze your bio-mechanical profile using MotionQuest technology
  • Our staff will interpret results and start fitting you in our recommended models
  • You will then get amazing new shoes that are prefect for you, and go home to hit the road for an amazing run!
This process is free! You can drop by to give it a try with one of our experts now!