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Our Weekly Run Group Schedule!

Monday (6:30pm): 
  • BlackToe Run Club - registration required.  Appropriate for beginners and experienced runners who are focusing on improving fitness and speed.
 Wednesday (6:45pm):
  • BlackToe Running Race Team workout.   Prior registration is required.  Please contact us for details.
Friday (6:30 pm):
  • Tempo run for intermediate level runners (12 km including warm up and cool down)

Sunday (8:30am):

  • Long Run with groups running 12km to +30km (short turn option for people who don't want to run the full distance)
  • Pace groups from +6:30/km down to sub 4:40/km.   Everyone is welcome!!  No pre-registration required.  Please arrive 10 minutes prior to the start so we can set pace groups.

All runs start at the BlackToe Running store at 95 Bathurst.

We set pace groups prior to each run, so arrive 10 minutes early!

Sunday routes are posted on  weekly!