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BlackToe Running || Coaching Program 2016

What are your Goals?

Whether you're looking to get ready for the spring racing season, push your limits or just get fitter than your neighbor, join the BlackToe Running Team and you are on your way.

We have a passion for running and love helping runners achieve and surpass their goals. Our training plans are tailored to your personal objectives.

With our program, there may be times that you curse us! Hopefully most of the swearing stays in your head but that's up to you. Those tough moments will pass and will make your accomplishments even sweeter. This will also give you something to commiserate about with your BlackToe Running teammates over post-workout beers (or coffee!).

Programs and Price Lists
We offer programs for people of all ages, skill levels and attitudes. Our coaches assist the newly initiated as well as seasoned runners to up their game and push their limits.

Put your PBs on noticeā€¦ they're about to get destroyed!

Get Started

BlackToe Race Team - Wednesday Evenings at 6:45pm
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Looking to train with an awesome and supportive team?  If you have completed at least one Half-Marathon and are ready for a structured program and coached workouts, this might be the place for you. 

Our race team is all about training hard to reach your personal objectives.  We are sponsored by New Balance so the cost is very reasonable at $75 for your initial sign-up plus $25/month.  

We select people based on the amount of space we have in our various pace groups.  You don't have to be the fastest person on the road.  We just want to make sure everyone has others of similar speed to train with.  For example, half marathon times for our current pace groups range from 2:10:00 - 1:18:00.

We are asking that all BlackToe Race team members ensure that they are able to commit to the following:

- Train with the team on a regular basis
- Wear your race team gear proudly
- Act as a positive role model by supporting your team and all other runners of any ability
- High-five at least one person at every workout! 

Email us at to get started! 

BlackToe Run Club - Every Monday at 6:30pm ($25/month)
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If you are hoping to start running for the first time or change your status from "Beginner" to "Non-beginner", this program is for you! 

Our coaches are very experienced runners who still remember those first few weeks when they took up the sport!  They will make sure your transition is not only successful but fun as well!

If you are already able to handle some distance and want to get faster, we will adjust the program for you so a Personal Best is in your future too!

The BlackToe Run Club meets at the store every Monday night at 6:30pm rain or shine.  Your program will include:

  • A weekly group workout led by our BlackToe Running coaches.  We set pace groups so people of similar fitness are developing together.  We mix it up and make the workouts fun!
  • A weekly coach's email outlining your workouts for the coming week along with tips and suggestions
  • Guest speakers who have expertise that can help you understand biomechanics, nutrition and more.
  • Proper pre-run and post run warm-up and strength drills, all done in a group setting!
  • Access to your coaches via email or in person during the week as required
  • Discounts on BlackToe Running apparel
  • Advice on proper nutrition, gear and apparel
  • Tips and tricks on how to make running a regular part of your life.
  • The support of your awesome teammates!

One Time Consultation - $150 / Session

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We've heard that sometimes counselling can help. But mostly we specialize in consulting. We'll help you plan for that next race, or we'll be a shoulder to cry on. Odds are, you'll need both.

For running veterans or those just starting out.


  • Pre-session review of goals, objectives and recent results
  • 45 minute individual session to review all training and racing related topics that will help optimize your performance including:
    • Training tips
    • Proper tapering
    • Breaking through performance plateaus
    • Fueling during training and on race day
    • Race day strategies
    • Training to avoid injury
  • Written summary of your session for future reference